>General Update

>Well, I thought perhaps I should write an update as I haven’t for a couple of weeks….I sometimes think it shows things are going well with me when I don’t write….it means I’m just getting on with life and not pondering too much on how things are going.

I’ve just had a really lovely weekend with my family. Nick was lovely and took the children away with him for a night so that all 5 of my siblings could come over for a dinner and to stay the night….it was such a great evening and even nicer as we haven’t done it for far too long! We are so lucky to all still get on well enough to do something like this….I know too many families where small things grow into large feuds. I had been a bit worried that I’d drink too much and get teary, but I was in such a good place, and so determined for it to be a nice evening that we didn’t talk about my SMM at all….well hardly!! It certainly wasn’t a ‘topic’ which was great!!! I am so lucky to have such a fantastic family and I love them all very very much.

Nick and I have had a long chat about how we manage my fundraising for the 3 Peaks along with retaining some dignity and not sharing our life with the whole world (she says as she writes a blog accessible to anyone who wants to read it!!). I think I had become very wrapped up in just raising money and forgetting that actually this affects the kids and Nick as well as me. So it had all become a little too public. So now, we’re going to just calm it all down and try to raise the remainer of the money a little more quietly. After all we’re the first to say that we don’t want people to see us as victims in this, so we need to lead by example.

I am so lucky to have Nick….and I don’t always make that obvious to people. I love him ever so much and he is ever so supportive and loving to me and the kids. How he has put up with me over the past few months I don’t know…but hopefully all of this is making us stronger and stronger together..I know he makes me into a stronger person – all you can ask for from your best friend and husband.

So moving on (before I’m far too nice about my beloved!!). I have been trying to get into more music recently and have been lucky enough to get back in touch with an old teacher of mine who has introduced me to a whole load of stuff. So as I find new songs I love, I think I’m going to post them up…maybe I’ll aim for one every post…not that they will link to the post at all!!!


About Deb Gascoyne

I am wife of one, mother of two and a person in my own right :-) I have used my diagnosis of myeloma to allow me to focus on what I CAN achieve and not what I can't. My blog is a way of me spilling out....it is for me more than you I'm afraid. But if it helps you along the way, that is an absolute bonus for me :-)
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