>Flu’s gone but bone pain arrived!

>Well just a quick update (I always said this was a diary for me as much as for anyone else!).

I lost the flu like symptoms by yesterday evening and just had a bit of a sore neck. But I have to say that today I seem to have had a lot of aching/bone pain at the site of my original bone marrow biopsy. What with being sore anyway from Thursday’s biopsy on the left hand side, the last thing I wanted was pain on the right hand side too!
So I look a bit of a state at the moment and struggle getting in and out of chairs/ cars etc! But the hopeful thing is that I’ve read somewhere that the side effects tend to only happen with the first infusion, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that next month, I won’t react so strongly. And if not, it sounds like if they they slow the drip down, that that is able to reduce the symptoms. Here’s hoping!

2 days and it will all be starting…….


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