Talking too soon?

Well, dare I say it, but so far so good!

Finished the chemo just before 3pm and down at our first stop guest house by 8.30pm….not bad for a Friday night. And the only sickness, I think, was car sickness, trying to keep up with everyone’s kind messages on text and facebook! I feel pretty shattered now so am off to bed, and am just hoping for a sick free night.

The other good news is that after really only 4 days, my mum has been allowed home from hospital (after a brief scare that her hb levels had dropped yet again). Since they’d suggested it could be 7 days, we’re really chuffed…she hasn’t done badly for an oldie (only joking mum!).. here’s to her recovery continuing to be so speedy!!

So hopefully I’m not talking too soon and there’ll be more good news to come!



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