Days 8, 9 & 10 – Where the hell

Sorry to have been offline – to be honest this is going to be very short and sweet too as all I am doing is
taking drugs and sleeping all day!!!

Day 8 wasn’t a nice day. I was still on zero but was trying to get my head where my brains were about having a long term before the pain stops, even when my counts go up!! I knew nick wasn’t coming either, and while I know he would ALWAYS come if he asked, it was pointless. And he needs to keep his rest up for when I get home. Who know’s If I’d slept that previous night….actually no, I hadn’t and thSt hadn’t helped with anything.

DAY 9 was another very bad day, but got better. It had been hard to be told my counts were zero even though i knew that was the case. I had popped a sleeping pill the night before which had helped but didn’t stop me telling Nick not to come over. It seemed a tad pointless if all he got to see were my eyelids!! Anyway, nick being nick (gorgeous not stubborn of course) meant he came over and worked while I slept…. We even might have got 20 mins of chat in there too!!
No food now for 2 days as anything I’ve eaten tablet or food, gets stuck on ulcers and causes wrenching 😦

Day 10
And finally………
My counts are at 0.1
There is a light……..

Throat still hurts like a bad*ar* (!) I’m on a morphine pump that isn’t helping but the bonus is that I can sleep through most of it somehow and MY COUNTS ARE GOING UP!!!!

(v small letters underneath, hoping to be out by wednesday if I’m not being overoptimistic!)
This is a picture of the lovely paper flowers that nick, my sis and most importantly, the kids made for my room at hospital!!! Made up for not having real ones!!



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