Fire alarms are NOT funny

Forgive me for this thought, but fire alams at 3.15am are not funny. Especially when no-one tells you they are a fire alarm

I don’t have much in hospital but I didn’t want to lose the MIL’s reading book, my wallet, photo frame or laptop, so I did what all bad fire alarm ‘experiencers’ do and spent 5 minutes shoving everything into the smallest bag I could find in case the alarm became louder and they ushered outside, in fact, in case they ushered anything to us!! “me, oh no I always keep this suitcase of stuff packed under my bag!!”

The long and short of it was it was either a practice or a very quiet real thing…. I wonder how many other patients were squirrelling around behind their doors trying to workout what the hell was happening!!


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One response to “Fire alarms are NOT funny

  1. I think they must do it to all patients in isolation to keep them occupied. Unlike you squirrelling stuff away I thought ‘Oh no, I’m going to have to go outside in my jim jams…and what if I have to stand next to an unclean (okay, smelly) person! Will someone cordon me off? Hang on how will I manage 10 flights of stairs?’ Fortunately there was no follow up and I don’t think it was in the early am.

    Glad your numbers are going in the right direction and yes when you’re ready to go home you’ll know it. On a Tuesday night/Weds am wild horses couldn’t have dragged me out of the room but by Thursday night/Friday I was ready to go. Once those little neutrophils get their bums in gear they make a huge difference particularly to mucositis pain. 😀


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