Final Call

So I thought I’d do a final call on my blog for ‘The Perfect Pair‘, my wine tasting in aid of Myeloma UK…..just in case any of you haven’t been following me (aka avoiding me!) on Facebook.


I’m excited about this event, as it should be a lot of fun. It’s a wine tasting with Nickolls & Perks, (an independent wine merchant in Stourbridge), at Hogarths Stone Manor….a beautiful hotel in the West Midlands….the one where we got married in 2002! But it isn’t just that….we have a Prosecco reception to start, a five star Jazz musician playing in the background for our guests throughout the night, and then the wine tasting will be done alongside what will (nearly!) be a 3 course meal. I’ve popped the menu below as I think it looks lovely and I’m hoping if you’re still deciding whether to come or not, this might help!

But that isn’t all….we’ve also got a table magician, a photographer to grab some fantastic memories of the night and lastly, a fantastic auction with some really great ‘Money Can’t Buy’ auction lots – as well as some other great lots that have been donated but that might feel that little bit more affordable.

It’s taken a lot of work to organise this fundraiser as I’ve been without my previous ‘Glitz and Glamour’ team, but I know it will be another great evening. I’m still trying to sell the last few tables/ tickets so that we can raise as much money as is possible. So, if you fancy a good night out, why not come along. The hotel are even doing reduced rates for all of our guests that might be travelling that little bit further….or who just want to turn it into a night away!

I am especially grateful to Tim at Nickolls & Perks for helping with this event – he has not only agreed to do the wine tasting FOC, and to help keep the prices as low as he can get them from his suppliers (by writing to them all himself), but he has also been an amazing sounding board for me, has found me the musician, and generally listened to me witter on constantly about the event! Oh…and he’s also been my proof reader (blame him for any typo’s 😉 )But seriously, he’s been great and since I genuinely love N&P, I really wanted to give him a more personal shout out.

So, any of you who have been procrastinating about buying tickets, PLEASE have a think about doing it now – we would love to see you there. And if you can’t come, but would like to make a donation, you can do this at or if it is a prize you would like to do this, please just message me.

And one final thing, I’m still looking for a printer – just to do our Event Programme (a maximum of 50 copies of a 16 page A5 document) and perhaps a couple of pull up banners. If anyone knows anyone who might do it FOC or at a low cost, please get in touch!


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The hardest one yet….

I did a post a while back about my latest fundraiser and this follows on from that.

I’m really excited about ‘The Perfect Pair’ as it is going to be an amazing wine tasting evening and rather than just being with a few nibbles, our guests are going to get a Prosecco reception, amuse bouches, a scrummy lamb shank main, a cheese tasting board and some chocolates!

TheperfectpairSomehow though, it doesn’t seem to be pulling in the ticket sales as fast as when I did events like my Glitz and Glamour Ball, so I thought I’d write out to any followers on my blog who might be interested in supporting Myeloma UK. I still have a few tables that I’d really like to sell…..every full table raises £100 for the charity and with the amazing auction prizes that we have, the more ‘bums on seats’ that we have, the more likely we are to raise loads of money for my lovely Myeloma UK. If you would like to come, whether it is just one of you, or a full table, we would love to meet you and have you with us! Or if you aren’t able to make it, perhaps you could encourage your support group, or family or friends to think about it?

The evening should be a lot of fun….by the night we should have a musician as you arrive, and we already have a professional photographer to take those special photos of you with your friends. In addition, we have a fabulous table magician who will be entertaining you throughout the night.

But, of course, the main attraction are the wines that are being brought to you from Tim at Nickolls and Perks, a specialist wine and whisky merchant in Stourbridge. He will be taking you through some different pairings as you eat and challenging you a little about the ‘usual’ pairs. You will definitely leave having found out some interesting facts about wine and food!

I’d love to sell out this event….so if you would like to come, take a look at the website ( and get in touch! You can buy tickets in pairs or as tables of 10…..or if you come direct to me, I can work most things out!

Oh, and don’t forget to look at the amazing auction prizes that we already have for our guests to bid on…..with more to come!!

I’d like to have people in the room more than anything, but if you can’t come and would like to make a donation instead, please visit

Thanks and I hope you’re inspired to come along and join in on a fab night!

Deb x


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Shouldn’t be surprised…..

So this time while I sit in hospital, pondering what my bloods will be for another month, I thought I’d write about something that might actually help someone.

It all stems from us visiting Australia over Christmas and if you’ve ever suffered from dry skin, you might want to keep reading.

Personally, I’ve had eczema since I was a baby. It has never been horrendous, but it’s been pretty bad with fingers cracking and generally a dry skin issue. My skin is constantly dry unless I use moisturiser – which I’m too busy (for busy, read ‘lazy’!) and my head has been itchy for the last couple of years. It basically makes me feel pretty scummy and not particularly attractive at the best of times.

I had my first shock when I had my stem cell transplant. My eczema pretty much cleared up! And that was nearly 6 years ago! I don’t ever have a big reaction now, and don’t tend to suffer from allergies in anywhere near the same way. Now don’t get me wrong…I won’t be recommending a transplant as a cure for eczema, but it did totally surprise me. I can even wear earrings again which was a big ‘no, no’ before as I would always react.

Despite that, I continued to have the dry, slightly flaky skin (ummm, nice!), the itchy head and the generally not nice feeling about myself. Until we went to Australia. While were out there we were staying in AirBNB properties, most of which had septic tanks. Any of you who know about these (!), might be aware that you have to be very careful what you put into them. So all of the properties we stayed at provided all the usual toiletries, cleaning materials etc that you would expect in an AirBNB house…with the slight difference that they were always organic, and always without Parabens and without soap (along with a few other things that I can’t remember!). Any my head stopped itching so much, and my skin became less dry!

So when I got home, I thought I’d try it out to see whether it was the products or whether it was the water/ environment out there. I’ve been using a Forever living shampoo and conditioner for the last couple of days (Thanks Katie! And if anyone wants some let me know) that whilst I don’t think is organic, doesn’t have parabens or sulphates in it. And already my head has stopped itching so much! I’ve also grabbed a shower gel from a health shop and found that whilst my skin isn’t beautifully silky and smooth, it definitely doesn’t have a permanent dryness now!

So, I’m still in a slight transition phase and am still trying to make sure it isn’t just a fluke, but actually, it can’t do any harm to knock out all these chemicals, especially since I’ve been saying for years, that they must be contributing to all the conditions that are now out there. It’s not a totally easy decision as the products costs substantially more than what I used to buy for us. However, if it does the job, then it is probably worth the extra pennies. I’m going to try my son next as he has dry skin – it’ll be interesting to see how it helps his skin, if at all.

Anyway, I’d be interested to hear if anyone else, post transplant, or just in life in general, has experienced anything similar, and also whether if so, they have any products they would particularly recommend?




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