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The C Word

I hesitated about using the title above. I have just watched the BBC1 drama about Lisa and her emotional journey with breast cancer. It has inspired me to get back on my blog as my emotions are running high and … Continue reading

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Post 6 – What Causes Myeloma?

I would lay a bet that this is probably one of the most common questions that is asked when people are diagnosed with myeloma – that along with the “Why me?” question. After the initial shock of a diagnosis, I … Continue reading

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40 Challenges – Post 2 What are the symptoms of Myeloma and how is it diagnosed?

My first ┬ápost talked about what myeloma was. So I thought I’d talk a little bit about diagnosis and symptoms at the moment. Late diagnosis is one of the main issues for myeloma patients, and it is this late diagnosis … Continue reading

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