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An Update

My husband reminded me the other day that I hadn’t updated on here since I held my ‘The Perfect Pair’ event on the 22nd April….so apologies – I sometimes forget that Facebook isn’t the only forum in which people follow me!

The event on the 22nd with Nickolls and Perks, and held at the Stone Manor in Kidderminster was an amazing success and I am really delighted to say, that thanks to the generosity of so many different people, companies and friends, we managed to raise over £9,300! This is a fantastic amount as we only had 60 guests there on the night so I had been hoping for more like £5k.

It was a really fun evening, and whilst I’m not sure that Tim and David, our wine connoisseurs for the evening, managed to talk that much to us all, everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. I hope that it meant that now, a few more people up in the Midlands know a little bit more about myeloma, and at the same time, that money will be vital in terms of helping Myeloma UK to do their invaluable work.

What is also great, is that the total there meant that, with the help and support of family, friends and work, we have now raised over £116,000! In fact, we are just waiting to hear from another company who did the Myeloma UK London to Paris bike ride after reading my blog, and while they have already got that total up to £123,000, we are hoping that they might actually take us over the £125,000 total. In fact, we are probably there as I think there are a couple of events that have been popped down as a little less than we actually gave!

So, for the time being, I’m taking a bit of a break from the fundraising. We are hoping to move house over the summer so that is likely to take up much of my time. In addition, I’m looking more into my social media business and considering whether to keep it at just that or develop it into more of a ‘Virtual Assistant’ business. Lots to consider given my health situation so I need to give myself some time to focus on it all rather than keeping on making excuses as to why I can’t do it! In the meantime, if you need some help with Facebook but don’t want to pay £50 an hour for a guru, get in touch with me….in this day and age, we don’t need to live in the same area for me to be able to help!

(All that said, if anyone likes their whisky and wants to be kept up to date on a potential whisky fundraiser for 2018, let me know! )

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Fundraising festivities

I’m off again…fundraising is continuing in aid of Myeloma UK..so apologies upfront to my Facebook and twitter friends as you all know what is coming….. However, while I apologise, it is only really a half-hearted apology as I could never have achieved what I have done to date without my constant barrage on social media…and the help you have all given me.

Having been in the Midlands for just over a year now, I’ve decided that the time is right to get going on my final push towards reaching a fundraising total of £100,000 for Myeloma UK. Originally I had wanted to do this by the end of this year, but events have meant that this hasn’t been feasible. So now, I plan to do it by the middle of 2017!

I’m starting fairly small. Just a coffee morning in our local church hall in Belbroughton this coming Friday (18th Nov). It’s where the children are/were at school and where most of my newer friends are based. I’ve been pretty chuffed with the response I’ve had, especially to a couple of village emails that have been sent out. Not only have I had people I don’t know offering cakes and books (for the secondhand book and toy sale), but as a result of the cake sale, one lady I didn’t even know before, has offered to get her husbands business involved in fundraising for Myeloma UK. Apparently she googled me when she got the email, read my blog and decided she wanted to help! So we now have between 4 and 6 people signing up to the Myeloma UK London to Paris cycle ride that takes place in May 2017! All of which I see as contributing to my £10k aim! In addition to this, my sister is holding a ball this coming weekend…all great news!

I’m also finalising plans for a top notch Wine and pairing event called ‘The Perfect Pair‘ ,with an auction. The date is now settled for the 22nd April and I’m just getting some artwork drawn up and then I can start selling tickets. We want to make it quite high brow and so tickets will be £45 each if bought before the end of February, or £47.50 each if bought after then, and it will be for tables of 10. Anyone who went to the ball will know that I won’t want a small event, and will be aiming to make it as special as possible. I’m hoping that we will have some live music while people are tasting, some amazing prizes to be won and obviously, great wine (courtesy of Nickolls & Perks) and great food. The venue is kindly being donated by Hogarths Stone Manor. If you want to know when the tickets go live, please email me at theperfectpair2017@gmail.com and I’ll let you know.

If anyone out there is inspired to help me with this, I’m going to be in need of the following support;

  • Auction prizes – I’ll need some high end lots such as theatre tickets, hotel rooms, holiday weeks, restaurant prizes. However, I will also be doing a silent auction at the event so can hopefully put together smaller prizes to make some alternative lots. Any offers will be gratefully received, so please don’t be shy at coming forward. At the ball, even donations of nice jams and biscuits were put together to make an amazing hamper!
  • Printing – I’m going to need to do some printing as I’ll definitely need a programme for the night (listing all the lots and thanking sponsors). It would also be great to have the option of getting a couple of pull-up posters made. And we may need a few flyers if I can’t sell all the tickets myself. We will probably be also looking at getting things like order forms for guests too. If anyone can offer a discounted price, or ideally something in return for a full page advert in the programme, I’d be really grateful!
  • A Team – Much of the work will be kindly done by Hogarths and Tim at Nickolls & Perks who are sponsoring the event. However, there is always lots that goes on behind the scene and what made the Glitz and Glamour Ball the success that it was, was that I had a fantastic team working with me to help make sure I made the right decisions along the way. So if anyone would like to help me, who is local enough to meet up once a month, please feel free to get in touch!
  • Probably much more! That I haven’t even thought of yet!

If you aren’t able to support or attend but would still like to make a donation, that would be great too and you can do that by going to my just giving page.

And the good news…..if we can reach the fundraising target by the end of The Perfect Pair, I won’t have to pester you for any more major fundraising….for some time anyway!

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