Sams 15B415 in aid of Myeloma UK

My name is Sam and I am 13 years of age. I am doing a fundraiser called 15B415 to support my mum who has Myeloma which is an incurable cancer. She was diagnosed 10 years ago (only 34 years old) in 2009 and was only given an estimation of 2-5 years to live. She was afraid she was never going to see me or my sister go to high school. Now I am in year 9 and my sister is in year 10. What a way we have come. We are going through a hard time at the moment as my mum relapsed and has had to go back onto chemotherapy and will have her second stem cell transplant in early 2020.

About 4 months ago my mum decided to do a fundraiser for Myeloma UK to add to the £125,000 we’ve already raised. I want to help her reach the £175,000 mark! I am going to do this through my #15B415 challenges.

Thank you so much to those who have already helped with my challenges and donated to my just giving page.

This page is where I am going to update my progress on how much of each challenge I have done and what company/ who has helped me complete these challenges. You can also donate to support these challenges by clicking below:  

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So far I have raised £2,040 – far more than the £500 I had wanted to raise by Christmas! Here is how I’m doing with my challenges so far – please read on and let me know if you can help with any! I’ve now increased my target to £2500 and am thinking of raising it to £3000.

Challenge 1.Get 15 signed objects from famous people that I can auction for the charity.    9/15

  1. Worcester Warrior signed shirt (Framed) donated by Josh Walters.
  2. Signed Dame Sarah Storey cycling shirt donated by Dame Sarah Storey herself.
  3. Greg Wallace signed book donated by Alison and Henry Mason.
  4. Jimmy Connors signed DVD donated by Dick Stockton.
  5. Signed ball by Andre Agassi donated by Dick Stockton.
  6. John Newton signed Top donated by Dick Stockton.
  7. 2 signed photos by Rory Best donated by Mark Bryan
  8. Signed ball from West Bromwich Albion donated by Jane Bailey
  9. Danny Cipriani and Nick Easter signed Nike jumper

Challenge 2. Read 15 books before I’m 15 – I don’t read very much!  19/15

  1. Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4
  2. Adrian Mole aged 14 3/4
  3. Thirteen
  4. Wizards of once
  5. Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone
  6. Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets
  7. Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban
  8. Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire
  9. Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix
  10. Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince
  11. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows
  12. Harry Potter & The Cursed Child
  13. Small Steps
  14. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse
  15. One of Us is Lying
  16. Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief
  17. Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters
  18. Percy Jackson & the Titans Curse
  19. Percy Jackson & the Battle of the Labyrinth

Challenge 3. Teach 15 people who are unaware of what myeloma is, what it is.  5/15   

  1. Josh Walters
  2. Charlie Parry
  3. Isobel Pottenger
  4. George Vickers
  5. Joe Clarke

Challenge 4. Get 15 people to do a challenge for/with me – let me have some ideas!!  2/15

1.Mum (Deb Gascoyne) – asked friends to donate instead of cards/present for her birthday.

2. Alexia Bath gave me some great art work for auction.

Challenge 5. Bake (or get donated) and sell 15 cakes to raise money   0/15

I’ve had a few promises for this challenge for when I do it.

Challenge 6. Meet 15 different Youtubers and get at least a selfie with them (it would be amazing to feature in a video!!).   0/15

Challenge 7. Run 15km in 2 days.    1/1

I’ve completed 7.8km two days in a row!!!

Challenge 8. Persuade 15 different businesses to donate at least £15.   10/15

Challenge 9 (Completed). Sell 15 roses in aid of myeloma UK.    16/15

Thanks to all the teachers at my school (Haybridge) for buying 16 roses in total and raising over £130!! Also a big thank you to Deb at Crystal Flowers in Wordsley, for donating the roses and showing me how to make them look so great.

Challenge 10. 15 lots of 15 push ups in 1 day.   0/15

Challenge 11.  Play 15 different sports.   2/15

  1. Taekwondo at TAGB Wyre Forest
  2. Muay Thai Kickboxing at Rob Locks Martial Arts Academy

Challenge 12. Get 15 famous people to tweet about my challenge.   5/15

  1. Nigel Owens
  2. Chesney Hawkes
  3. Ed James
  4. Lisa Ray
  5. Marianne Keys

Challenge 13. (Completed) Don’t speak for fifteen hours.   15/15 ✅

Here’s a video to see the forfeits that I had to do for every time that I said anything…even a word.

Challenge 14. Sell 15 things to do with Myeloma UK (trolley key rings, car stickers, t-shirts, face masks (£7) etc..)   2/15

  1. Trolley key ring x1
  2. Car sticker x 1

Let me know if you would like anything like this – I have trolley keyrings (£1) and car stickers (50p) and can get other things too like cycling vests

Challenge 15. Try 15 different foods I have never tried.    5/15

I’d love to try some really unusual things for this challenge. If anyone has restaurants / shops that sell strange things/ non kid foods that they think would be a challenge for me, I’d love to give it a go!

  1. Physalis donated by Jayne & Nigel Wilkinson
  2. Duck
  3. Jackfruit
  4. Kracklin Kamut
  5. Macadamia nut protein bar

Challenge 16. Get 15 prizes for a raffle. If anyone out there is willing to donate a super first prize I will get proper raffle tickets and publicise your company!!! 9/15

  1. AP Torch Donated by Tools R Us
  2. Ravel Watch Donated by Tools R Us
  3. Gumy Olive Black Ear Phones Donated by Tools R Us
  4. AV Portable Bluetooth Speaker donated by Tools R Us
  5. Bottle of prosecco donated by Nigel and Jayne Wilkinson
  6. Bayliss & Harding body wash and hand cream donated by Elaine my dinner lady
  7. Nip & Fab hand & pamper kit donated by my dinner lady
  8. Measuring cups donated by my dinner lady
  9. Cheese forks donated by my dinner lady

Challenge 17. Get 15 cracking prizes that I can auction!! 1/15

  1. Tiffany clock – thanks to Dom and Sally who re-donated this despite successfully bidding on it at a previous event