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#Myeloma Awareness Week

Myeloma Awareness Week has begun for 2015…and this year I’ve been able to take a slightly more active part in it given that I’m not actually fundraising at the moment. Raising awareness of Myeloma is really important because if people … Continue reading

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Post 20: Paranoid City

Anyone who has myeloma probably understands exactly where I am coming from with this title. In fact, probably anyone who has suffered from a serious illness or cancer understands. As I say so often, my myeloma, touch wood, doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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40 Challenges – Post 2 What are the symptoms of Myeloma and how is it diagnosed?

My first  post talked about what myeloma was. So I thought I’d talk a little bit about diagnosis and symptoms at the moment. Late diagnosis is one of the main issues for myeloma patients, and it is this late diagnosis … Continue reading

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