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Covid Trial Results

So today there’s been some news on the BBC about Covid trials for the Pfizer vaccine, initially suggesting that it isn’t as effective in cancer patients, and specifically in blood cancer patients. It particularly suggests that the long gap between … Continue reading

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#Myeloma Awareness Week

Myeloma Awareness Week has begun for 2015…and this year I’ve been able to take a slightly more active part in it given that I’m not actually fundraising at the moment. Raising awareness of Myeloma is really important because if people … Continue reading

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40 Challenges – Post 2 What are the symptoms of Myeloma and how is it diagnosed?

My first  post talked about what myeloma was. So I thought I’d talk a little bit about diagnosis and symptoms at the moment. Late diagnosis is one of the main issues for myeloma patients, and it is this late diagnosis … Continue reading

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