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Nothing is Forever – except a cancer diagnosis

Once you have been diagnosed with cancer, life changes forever. For you and for your family, it is unlikely that you will ever look on life in the same way. Sometimes that can be amazingly positive, and sometimes, sadly, it … Continue reading

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My myeloma pharmacy

So, recently a few older friends of mine have asked what’s going with me and my myeloma, and whether I am still on drugs! Luckily, the answer is that not an awful lot is happening with my myeloma. I am … Continue reading

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Post 16 – Status Quo

Today, we decided to challenge the status quo.  Nearly 3 years ago, after six months of intensive chemotherapy, I had my first Stem Cell Transplant due to my myeloma. Once that had finished I started on a maintenance therapy called Revlimid … Continue reading

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